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Alpha Legion Cont’d...

So, 20 tactical marines assembles. 5 Cataphracti Terminators, multiple Terminator character (to switch things up here and there). Termies have magnetized arms for swap out (if ever needed). Still have assembly work to get done on Contemptors (2), but that is taking a while since I am magnatizing there as well. All that said, I just could not wait to get some paint down and give the concept a run through. Completed the initial run all by brush (see here)

With that work done it was time to whip out the airbrush to see if I could duplicate the busy work with that. Here is where we sit on that front! So far not bad, but certainly a lot of work to get done yet. That said, glad I bought the little fan/filter box. Here is what the bulk work looks like.

Looking forward to getting some more paint down soon, but sadly house work comes first and then a quick camping trip to get out of the way!!!

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