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Long time. No blog...

Man it has been a while since I even thought baout posting on the blog, but here we are... So, the site has been up since 2022 and the first 2 years were essetnially nothing and that is all on me. This year (2024) I decided to dedicate a couple hours a night (with the families permission of course) to putting some effort into the site and actually taking it seriously. To that end, activity is way up, so to whomeve ris reading this THANK YOU! Anyway, I am up to 20 different GrimDark options on the site and have a goal of 50 by years end. By far the most difficult part is modeling it all up in Blender and making sure it will print, then keeping inventory of everything in a cramped garage. No complaints, just space issues.

Well, I think that is it, I never really like long posts anyway, so thanks again for all the visitors and thanks to GrimDark terrain for making it all to start with!!!!


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